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?Poetry Prose and other Thoughts!

Poems, Prose and other Thoughts By Ramona Harvey Author of Unclipped Wings.

My intent is not to upset people or make them mad, nor is it to try and agree with everyone who visits this site.

I may at times have written something that you think is very cool and your welcome to tell me that.

Other times something I write may make you uncomfortable and you may disagree. Your welcome to tell me that as well.

But please always remember to be respectful and considerate to myself and others. I know the world does not always operate that way, but one can dream.

?The onecandream mission: To empower people to achieve their dreams and to be a positive force promoting wellness and health in positive ways.??


Author Ramona Harvey to participate in Race for the Cure Saturday Sept. 28, 2013.

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All people matter.

Everyone has something worth contributing.

? Because people, and what you do really does matter.





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